Reusable Checkout Bag Initiative & Ordinance Supporters (in formation)

Presented by Bring Your Own (BYO) Greenwich

BYOGreenwich's mission is to encourage the use of reusable checkout bags in our town for the benefit and welfare of our entire community.

Reusable Checkout Bag (RCB) Ordinance

The purpose of RCB ordinance is to protect the environment in Greenwich for the benefit and welfare of its residents by encouraging the use of reusable checkout bags; by phasing out the use of single-use plastic and virgin paper checkout bags and initiating a $.25 retail compensation for 

single-use recycled paper checkout bags.  

Who Is BYOGreenwich?

  BYOGreenwich represents the students, individuals, families, pet owners, non-profits and businesses from every district of Greenwich that have seen, read about and personally have noticed the human health, environmental and fiscal impact plastic bags have on our community and want to make a positive change in and for our Town and our children's future.

Better Habits • Cleaner World

Bag It: Is Your Life Too Plastic?

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Pro-Business    Pro-Environment

Why Should Greenwich Care?

Single-use plastic bags: 

Disperse easily into the environment · Impede waterways and clog storm drains · Pollute oceans and entangle & kill marine life · Degrade into small particles that contaminate our water and soil · Enter our food system by being ingested by the animals & fish we eat · Overwhelm landfills · Produce toxic ash when incinerated · Cost municipalities large amounts of money to clean up · Are not economic to recycle · Require nonrenewable, fossil fuels to manufacture

And they are not free…

Take Action

Greenwich RCB Ordinance

Bring Your Own Bag

Traiga Su Propia Bolsa

Pay For A Paper Bag

Pague Por Una Bolsa de Papel

No More Plastic Bags

No Más Bolsas de Plástico  

What You Need To Know

About the Reusable Checkout Bag(RCB) Ordinance

  (as drafted) Applies to all Greenwich business establishments · Prohibits all single-use plastic and virgin paper checkout bags · Requires a 25¢ retail compensation on all recycled paper checkout bags · Retail compensation must be displayed separately on customer receipt · Allows business establishments to keep the retail compensation · Retail compensation charge does not apply to WIC, SNAP, and recognized 501(c)(3) organizations transactions  

Types Of Reusable Checkout Bags Encouraged

Those that are designed with the capability of carrying a minimum of 22 pounds 125 times over a distance of at least 175 feet and are easily cleaned as instructed on manufacturer's label.

Plastic Bags Not Subject To RCB Ordinance

Newspaper bags, door-hanger bags, laundry dry cleaning bags, bags sold in packages containing multiple bags intended for use as garbage, pet waste bags, yard waste bags, and bags that are used by consumers inside stores to: package bulk items such as fruit, vegetables, mushrooms, nuts, grains, candy: contain or wrap frozen foods, meat, or fish, whether packaged or not: contain or wrap flowers, potted plants or other items where dampness may be a problem; contain unwrapped prepared foods or bakery goods; contain pharmacy prescriptions; and safeguard public health during the transportation of hospital waste.   

We can avoid the $.25 by bringing our own bag or refusing a bag when we make a small purchase.