Greenwich Residents

  • Start refusing single-use plastic bags.
  • Start bringing your own reusable bags whenever you shop.
  • Sign the APPEAL
  • Send the APPEAL to all your contacts.
  • Contact your RTM representatives and ask them to vote YES for the RCB Ordinance.
  • Support this ordinance in person at the RTM meeting at the Central Middle School (check our website for date).
  • Follow BYOGreenwich on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and tag your next picture #BYOGreenwich next time you are using your reusable bag.

Greenwich Non-Profits

  • All the above, plus
  • Invite BYOGreenwich to speak at your next meeting.
  • Join our support page with your logo.
  • Sponsor a reusable bag donation drive.
  • Show your support by linking to your website.

Greenwich Businesses

  • All the above, plus
  • Sponsor a reusable bag giveaway and design contest. 
  • Start phasing out your single-use plastic bags now.
  • Place the BYOGreenwich logo decal in your retail window.
  • Volunteer to be profiled as one of our BYOGreenwich businesses of the week.


BYOGreenwich How Can You Help (pdf)